A fullbody image of Cruz. They have dark skin, green eyes and braids. They're wearing an orange jumper, overalls and pink Converse. Their posture is relaxed and they have one hand raised in a peace sign.

Cruz Ellison

Basic Info

Species: Android

Gender: Nonbinary

Orientation: Polyamorous biromantic asexual

Pronouns: They/them/their/theirs/themself


Cruz is a Detroit: Become Human OC.

Cruz is an RK90 model android, originally designed to be a walking, talking exhibit at a museum to demonstrate the advancements in android-related technology.They now work as a detective for the DPD. They have a damaged voice box from a fight they were in before they deviated. As a result of this, they must sometimes rely on ASL to communicate as their voice becomes staticy.

Other Places to Find Them

Art Fight

Their Pinterest board


Rosa - Cruz's romantic partner and colleague at the DPD

Harper - Cruz's best friend and work partner at the DPD

Austin - A close friend, they primarily know each other through Harper

Ivy and Everett - Cruz is a close family friend to the Seabrooks and is almost like an aunt/uncle to Ivy and Everett

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