A fullbody image of Etta. She has pale skin, heterochromia and curly blonde hair. Her eyes are both half blue and half grey. Her right eye is split vertically and her left eye is split horizontally. She's wearing a blue t-shirt with a black holey shirt underneath, a green belt, black skirt and green Converse. She's also wearing fishnets and rainbow socks. She's also wearing a pale blue necklace. She has one leg raised and is resting her right index finger on her cheek. She has spiral-shaped blush on her cheeks and her fingers are pointed.

Henrietta "Etta" Lukas

Basic Info

Species: Avatar (Formerly human)

Gender: Unclear

Orientation: Unclear (seems to fluctuate between aroace and pansexual)

Pronouns: She/her/hers/hers/herself (is indifferent to it/its)


Etta is a Magnus Archives OC.

Etta is part of the Lukas family and is an avatar of the Spiral.

She grew up as the perfect Lukas family member and most likely would've become an avatar of the Lonely but one day she didn't look where she was going and went into a familiar yellow door. Rather than becoming the Distortion or anything, it spat her out as a fully fledged avatar in her own right (a couple of years after she'd entered the door).

It spat her out in the middle of the archives. Unlike Michael, she actually likes the archive's staff. She often spends time messing with the archive's staff or bothering Elias as much as humanly possible, he hates her but is never really able to get rid of her which she thinks is hilarious. Etta's mostly harmless and enjoys toying with people more than doing any real harm but if you do anything that she takes as a slight against her, she'll turn on you very fast.

She tends to show up at Lukas family events still and pretend like she's a perfect little Lonely avatar like the rest of them which they hate but she technically is still family and no one's had any luck in getting rid of her so they just deal with her (however reluctantly).

Etta and Michael look and act like siblings (and do consider each other as sibling, in a way) but they both take great offense to this if you say it to wither of their faces.

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