A fullbody image of Soda. She has dark skin and space buns. Cherrys left eye and right side of cherrys hair is pink and cherrys right eye and left side of cherrys hair is blue. She's wearing a flower print shirt, blue shorts, a heart-shaped bag, white thigh-high socks and yellow trainers. Cherrys posture is relaxed and cherry has one hand on cherrys bag and the other is behind cherrys back.


Basic Info

Species: Human

Gender: Cherrycolafizdrinkic, demigirl

Orientation: Polyamorous biromantic lesbian

Pronouns: She/her/her/hers/herself, Cherry/cherry/cherrys/cherrys/cherryself


Soda was designed by @galaxyprincess245 on Instagram.

Soda is a fashion student who loves wearing any kind of bright, colourful fashion. She particularly likes outfits inspired by Japanese street fashion.

Other Places to Find Cherry

Art Fight

Cherrys Tumblr tag

Her Pinterest board


Leigh - One of Soda's girlfriends.

Nerys - One of Soda's girlfriends.

Morella - One of Soda's girlfriends.

Cassius - Soda's boyfriend.

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